Secure, Easy Management.
FacePass provides a range of innovative solutions to your business management needs. FacePass is easy to use and easy to implement. Find out more about our solutions below.


- Check-In
The easiest, fastest way to securely check attendance of thousands of employees for factories and offices.
- Parking
The only no-ticket parking solution. Check in and check out motorbikes based on matching registered faces and license plates. No ticket required. Fast, secure, and convenient.
- Sampling
The unique solution that helps brands confident each sample is given to individual people, keep track of quantity and location of campaigns. Accurate and insightful.
- Audit
The most advanced solution in market to measure traffic of retail malls and shops. Understand number ofvisitors, age, gender, frequency. Accurate and insightful.
- Login
Stop worrying about fake login of user to your company tablet devices. Make sure your sales team login where they are scheduled to go. Secure and easy.
- Event
No more guests queueing to register at events. Guests are welcomed immediately. Management team keep track of guests in real-time.Fast, convenient.